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I am the new girl

Keep on writing, great job!

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Re: I am the new girl

I am completely confused by this proposal.
Did Seryozhka do this to you?
Then I took his huge and wet cock out of my mouth, licked it all over and began to actively jerk off, while massaging his testicles, crotch and ass with my tongue. He moaned like a slut, with the naked eye it was clear what pleasure he was given by my practiced movements. Then I took up the cock again.
Let me see! The goat is disgusting!
Here the lock on the door is broken, it will be necessary to call, and Ksyusha said puzzledly to report the problem.
Mommy, marry me...
You said that you would be at home alone and invited me to visit, and I was driving and thinking: “I called you home because you didn’t think of renting a hotel room, or because we’ll drink tea ...”
Oh god! exclaimed Leah What a beautiful and big dick!


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